This national campaign partnered TBS with brands such as Budlight, Ford, Coldwell Banker and Rogaine amongst others.  A great project to work on from beginning to end.  I worked with the cast and writers creating the material through improvisation then taking it to set to shoot.  Thus, the “adprov” was born.

This social media campaign for Sears was designed to compliment the national “Be The Santa” campaign.  Instead of models doing cartwheels around a washer and drier we dove into who these personalities really were.  Everything was improvised on set.  I worked with each of the actors to create the characters and story on the spot.  It gave us a great look and feel for some very avid shoppers.

This was a fun business to business campaign I had the privilege to direct.  The videos were used on GE’s website as well as in their sales presentations.  It’s not every day that you get to hit $150k piece of equipment as hard as you can over and over again.

Motorola wanted to create some buzz around their KRZR II product launch by releasing a “banned from television” commercial virally.  It needed to have a “sharp as the KRZR’s edge” point of view, a “sassy” attitude, and show off the shiny “mirror like quality” of the phone.  I had a lot of fun taking advantage of this opportunity.

Viral & Social marketing campaign highlighting the art of political satire during the 2008 General Election Campaign.  This well received series was featured on The Economist website and promoted a series of live entertainment shows held in partnership with The Second City across the United States.